PREMIERE: Emeryld Sends A Confident Message To Submissive Admirers in “Honey Bee”

Photo Credit: Dante Marshall, ADVNT Society

Styled By: Jannelle Hill

Unapologetically herself, singer-songwriter Emeryld is exactly the kind of girl boss pop star that the industry needs right now. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, she graduated from high school a year early, bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, and hasn’t looked back since. She’s a sweet southern belle with a west coast edge and pushes boundaries through both the lyrics and production of her music. 

Now at 21 years old, she’s just dropped a jazzy tune infused with electronic and R&B influence entitled “Honey Bee” that she created in collaboration with producer KoKo. Her incredible range allows her to easily dance from one octave to another, touching on each note with purpose. Taking a break from writing about heartbreak, the song reveals a more bold, confident side to Emeryld as she sings about needing more adventure and playfulness in a relationship.

She shared more,

“I just need a little more spontaneity and spark to hold my attention. To write something confident and sassy was liberating in a way. I almost thought it was a little satirical which is why I liked it, and it’s kind of theatrical in a way which I am always drawn to. I have a love for playful production and songwriting which KoKo understood and loved as well.”

R&B, soul and jazz influence is evident in Emeryld’s music, drawing inspiration from her own roots in everything from theater, to jazz, to hip hop. With the release of “Honey Bee,” a more bubbly, edgy feel to her music has surfaced and is an indicator of stylistic changes coming in her new music. 

Listen to Emeryld’s latest freeing summer anthem here: