PREMIERE: Experience A Piece of Late June’s Personal Life With Lo-Fi EP, ‘Windowsill By Our Bed’


Late June's new Windowsill By Our Bed EP is a cinematic experience. Complete with samples from movies and tv shows, the eight-track project is a personal one for the Auckland-based producer. The project draws inspiration from Late June's own experiences surrounding the complex emotions involved in a long distance relationship.

He may be young, but he already has an impressive discography. Windowsill By Our Bed comes on the tails of his recent collection Balcony, and 2017 projects Bedside and Rainworld. Based on the sheer mass of his releases, it's clear that Late June lives and breathes his music. The first two singles released from Windowsill By Our Bed garnered over 250,000 streams across platforms in the first month, a testament to the power of the project as a whole.

Windowsill By Our Bed is cast in shadows. Fuzzy audio clips included in the music range from Rachel's last line in FRIENDS, to Late June's real-life recordings from late night phone calls. Each track seeps into the next, creating a sense of congruency in the work as a whole.


Lo-fi samples and cushioned piano create a space to reflect on every part of being in love, from the key events that mark the memory of a specific relationship to small moments like sitting and staring out a windowsill. The beauty of Windowsill By Our Bed lies in the fact that it sparks deeply personal memories for every individual who listens rather than demanding that one perspective be understood. Rainy days were made for music like this.


At your earliest convenience, we suggest you lock yourself in your room, turn down the lights and give Late June's EP a listen.