PREMIERE: Extend That Summer Feeling Into the Fall with Trapdoor Social’s “Hold Me Down”


If it were possible to bottle the carefree goodness of summer, even lifelong Angelenos would chomp at the bit. As relatively new residents to LA, Trapdoor Social seems to have cracked the code. Today they are debuting their new single, "Hold Me Down," which captures the comfort of a beer at the beach even as the days grow shorter. It is a jangling tune meant for friends and nostalgia, and so it would make a natural addition to your favorite party playlist.

“Hold Me Down" is about knowing there are big, serious problems in the world we need to deal with but how it’s all forgotten when matters of the heart come into play. Take the second verse: "Oh no, the world is going under… Our love is the least of our problems, but you say one word and I jump!” - Skylar Funk

Local fans of this environmentally-conscious indie rock band had a chance to hear the new track live in the flesh over this past weekend. Its lyrics encourage living life to the fullest, which was an apt message for Sunstock Solar Fest. The group, helmed by multi-instrumentalist Skylar Funk, just held and performed at the third installment of the completely solar-powered music and arts festival. Other headliners included Cayucas and The Epilogues. Trapdoor Social has plenty more in store ahead of an LP release in the early days of the new year, with a tour to follow.

Listen to the latest single, "Hold Me Down," exclusively below. Follow Trapdoor Social on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.