PREMIERE: Fans of Sampha & James Blake Will Love Xavier Dunn’s Acoustic “Isic Tutor” Live


For fans of Sampha, Bon Iver, and James Blake, it's time to meet Xavier Dunn. Bringing us an exclusive look into the acoustic rendition of his hit single, "Isic Tutor," Xavier Dunn has simply outdone himself. Stripped down, this piece is wrapped in gold. 

Xavier's vocals shine against the striking notes on the piano and eventual drum-kicks. It's chilling, yet soothing. Vocals, so thick, like sweet milk heavy-ladened with honey, he conquers the filling aspect of sound – fully occupying the space with his voice, yet still later able to sweetly pierce the edges of the track. We can't get enough of this new variation. Filmed live at the Gold Retriever Studios in Australia, Xavier provided more context: 

“Working with Simon Berckelman from Gold Retriever Studios and the film crew at yeahsure. Made me feel warm and fuzzy. Their warming gaze made performing easy. On the morning of the shoot, I was playing around with my Teenage Engineering OP-1 and was sad I hadn’t thought of using it sooner for the video… So I added in some orchestral parts, laid down the chords, drums and bass, and had my four-track loop to play around with. It was Simon’s idea to hook it up through the amp and thank god he did, cause with that came the warmth and crunch that I wanted from the OP.”

Born to music teacher parents, and brother to four working musicians, Dunn's musical bloodline is strong. Pair the lessons and the family jam sessions with a soundtrack of Elton John, Billy Joel and Queen, and you've got one multifaceted artist. Add a degree in music to the mix, and you have Xavier Dunn - the multitalented one-man production studio. Dunn initially got a solid start with his ear-catching BIMYOU EP, a collection of acoustic folk-leaning covers of popular rap hits. 

"Isic Tutor," the first track off Dunn's debut EP of the same name, evokes an unexpected storyline. Xavier explains: 

"[Isic Tutor] is an ambient earworm inspired in part by the ebbs and flows of a tumultuous relationship and in part by the strange wisdom of Isic, an AI character from the video game 'Battleborn.'"

With an unset release date, Isic Tutor the EP will be filled with musical experimentation tactics that have been refined to reminisce the soothing sounds of Icelandic artist Olafur Arnalds and German composer Nils Fraham. According to Xavier we can expect a unique blend of sounds, 

"I've recorded water pouring down the sink and ex-girlfriends cutting up cabbages. It's completely unique and nobody else has an audio file like it."

As we look forward to the EP, we can just as soon as sink our teeth into the delicious stripped down "Isic Tutor" that Xavier Dunn performed live in Sydney. Get your first look below: