PREMIERE: Faouzia’s “Bad Dreams (Piano Version)” Is Nothing Short of Haunting


Photo: Justin Hogan

Haunting. That is the only proper way to describe the latest from 18-year-old Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter Faouzia. A profound musical talent in the making, the artist has gifted the world with a performance video of her spellbinding single "Bad Dreams." An enrapturing piano ballad that explores the lingering power of dreams, it is a song that remains with you long after the final key is pressed.

The lasting power of "Bad Dreams" speaks directly to Faouzia's innate gift for songwriting. Flawlessly switching between composing songs in French and English, she became the first Canadian in history to win the Grand Prize for the International Songwriting, which she then followed up with a grand win at the Unsigned Only Music Competition. It's an inimitable skill that she demonstrates time and time again throughout the entirety of "Bad Dreams." Abounding with allusions, Faouzia's "Bad Dreams" blurs the lines between that of reality and dreams to craft a raw and captivating number that is only heightened by the powerhouse vocals on display.

On "Bad Dreams," Faouzia shared,    

"'Bad Dreams' is a song that is so special to me. My love for psychology and my fascination for dreams seeps through the lyrics. The song is about fighting your inner demons and not letting them get the best of you or those around you, whatever they may be…"

Weaving elements of psychology and our innermost fears into such a beautiful piece of sonic art is no easy feat, yet it is one Faouzia has deftly accomplished. And it is a feat that she transforms into a spectacle of a performance that matches every ounce of the song's underlying intensity.  

Watch the video for "Bad Dreams (Piano Version)" below: