PREMIERE: Foxtrax - The Cabin EP


Imagine yourself in a quaint wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, sparking up a remedying fire and warming a bowl of chicken noodle soup, all while thoroughly taking in the beautiful scenery outside your window. 

….This is the kind of environment where we'd imagine Foxtrax playing softly in the background, and funny enough, it is also the exact setting where Foxtrax's forthcoming The Cabin EP was created. The New York-dwelling trio spent over a month in a North Carolina cabin to write their debut record, returned to the city to add the finishing touches, and ultimately managed to maintain that pure, little-house-on-the-prairie style in all five songs.  

With their classic bluesy vocal styles and contemporary indie rock arrangements, Foxtrax will likely appeal to folk, rock, indie, and pop lovers alike. We've got your first listen of the full EP below, ahead of its official release (and accompanying music video) on July 1.

If you're digging what you hear and happen to live in the Los Angeles area, join us at Molly Malone's tonight, June 29, to see it all happen live–tickets available here.