PREMIERE: GeeJay Funkifies A Pop Hit in Live “Flowers” Video


North London duo GeeJay is a much needed dose of soul. Fronted by gritty songstress Gina Jane, their sound is a blend of old school jazz, neo-soul and urban hip hop–think Amy Winehouse with a twist. 

GeeJay released their debut EP Thru Channel in early 2018, and have since turned industry heads with their fiery energy and unique sound. The project is back with a live video for their recent single, "Flowers," and it's a refreshing reminder that good music doesn't need many bells and whistles to stand tall live.

The video was filmed at the Total Refreshment Centre in London, and produced by Hackney-based artist incubator ROOT 73. Flowers hang from the ceiling and frame the duo as moody blue light washes over the industrial setup. It's clear from the start of the video that the music about to unfold is going to be stunning.


GeeJay's use of instrumentation in the video is inventive, yet simple. They start with a cylindrical object that resembles an open-ended coffee mug to create a wind gust sound, which Jane tops with a forlorn hum before exploding into the song. The second half of the duo, Jacob Lobo, holds down the instrumentation with ease, switching between keys and the saxophone strapped to his back. 

"Flowers" is a rework of the Sweet Female Attitude pop hit, and GeeJay breathes new life into the track with a relaxed groove and unparalleled emotion. This live video begs vanilla pop songs everywhere to up their game by flaunting the deeper potential of the original song. 

Check out GeeJay's live video for now, and cross your fingers for a chance to see them in person soon.