PREMIERE: Goodbye June Delivers Much-Needed Advice With the Rock Anthem “Live In The Now”


Photo: Jason Myers

Goodbye June is a gritty bonafide rock band hailing from the Music City with something to say. There is a lot of responsibility bestowed on rock ‘n’ roll bands nowadays, and the trio of rocking cousins know they have what it takes to show the next generation what a great rock band can do. The skillful modern-day rockers Landon Milbourn, Brandon Qualkenbush, and Tyler Baker make up the Nashville-based rock band. After releasing their full-length debut album Magic Valley in 2017, Goodbye June is itching to share their new single “Live in the Now” from their upcoming EP Secrets in The Sunset, due Oct. 26.

“Live in the Now” has become a mantra for the band, focusing on the future and disregarding all the concerns and anxieties from the past. A collection of slide, acoustic, and electric guitars create a sonic psychedelic frame that hangs a hard-hitting harmonious single.  “Live in the Now” brings awareness to the importance of living in the moment.

Goodbye June reflects on what “Live in the Now” means to them.

“Live in the Now is about focusing on the possibilities of living life without the burdens of past mistakes, forgiving yourself, and loving and living right now. If we always wait for the future, it will never be, and if you always live in the past, how can you truly exist now?”

“Live in the Now” is just a single striking glimpse into the band’s forthcoming EP that draws from “a turning point of joy and heartache.” Goodbye June has lived through some dramatic highs and lows, making them familiar with both sides of the spectrum. This fall, Goodbye June takes their raw live energy on tour with longtime friends Greta Van Fleet. The trio is ready to educate and convert audiences on music that matters, as they set out to create something that sounds nostalgically familiar yet unlike anything else. The rock ‘n’ roll bands that have come before all had a message and made people feel something, and Goodbye June hopes that you walk away with a similar experience. 

Listen to “Live in the Now” below and catch Goodbye June on their fall tour: