PREMIERE: Hayley Gene Penner Confronts What We’re Too Afraid to Feel in “White Stripes”


Photo Credit: Taylor James

Canadian singer-songwriter Hayley Gene Penner has a gift for fearlessly tackling difficult emotions and translating those emotions into catchy melodies that you'll find yourself humming all day.  Her latest single "White Stripes" perfectly conveys the jumble of emotions that accompany falling for someone who isn't promising a happy ending. Penner is unapologetically herself, which is felt through the song's raw and authentic emotion that strips away embellishments and embraces vulnerability. She uses her honeyed vocals over the song's upbeat acoustics to do more than just sing; she tells a story.

She gave more personal insight,

"'White Stripes' is in some ways about my tendency to let men casually string me along for years. It's about my horse-like endurance and my unwavering belief that eventually, one night, you'll be sitting alone in a room somewhere and the light will catch your filthy ponytail and second-hand Beyoncé sweater in just the right way and suddenly he'll go for it."

Born to the well-known family entertainer Fred Penner, Hayley Gene Penner is no stranger to the music scene. After growing up around her father's influence, she has spent years perfecting her own sound, even creating and shelving four albums before her official debut as the brave and expressive singer-songwriter who appears today.

"White Stripes" follows the release of "Sleep at Night" which also showcases Penner's courage in accepting herself and her flaws as a whole. Both singles come from her upcoming album, People You Follow. If her latest releases are any indication of what's to come, we can't wait to hear what she has in store on the rest of the album.

You can take a listen to "White Stripes" below: