PREMIERE: HOAX Inspires “Be” over “Do” Mentality in Catchy “Moon Moon Baby”


Listening to HOAX's "Moon Moon Baby" immediately puts a smile on anyone's face. It's the first single off of HOAX's upcoming fall album, b?, signaling the very beginning for this Brooklyn-based band formed only three years ago. Infectious and fun-loving, "Moon Moon Baby" is the perfect song to play as you're driving with your windows down. It's an adult lullaby, meant to soothe any worries about growing up and promoting a sense of "being" instead of "doing," as well as being your unique self. The band returned from a spiritual trip to India with the idea to make this album and song a reality, in turn making our realities a little easier. 

Frontman Mike Raj commented on his trip to India, 

"One year ago I took the last swig of my Kingfisher Ultra beer - our equivalent of water. I took a second to breathe; the air was different up here. The Himalayans were behind me, and across the table was my best friend and creative musical counterpart, Frantz. Across the Atlantic was our home, America, 'the land of do.' We had been in India, 'the land of be,' for about ten days, and it was enough time for us to take our limited and privileged perspective on 'how things worked' and completely break it down."

Having such a fresh outlook on life from India truly influenced "Moon Moon Baby," as did the harsh reality of being thrown back into the world of "do do do." This world of action, differing from the calm of India, overwhelmed HOAX, as did the real world of the nine to five job. It spurred them to write a soothing and mature lullaby. As Raj sings, "I don't want anything else; but your truth." HOAX wants to see the person behind the mirror, his true character sans the effect of the world's chaos. 

Comprising Mike Raj (vocals), Frantz Cesar (bass), Paul Brower (guitar), Kevin Lopez (guitar), and Jacob Lopez (drums), HOAX has two successful EPs under its belt, The Truth and Other Lies and Words That End With Wh(y). A college band, HOAX was formed at Hofstra University in 2015, and has risen to become the thoughtful and talented band they are today.

"Moon Moon Baby" is a beautiful fleshed out exploration of human nature and the way that we approach life. Press play to find some inspiration before the long weekend: