PREMIERE: Hollow Coves Advocates Escapism In “The Woods” Music Video


One of the most ironic phenomena is the human tendency to fear change, to hide away in the so-called "comfort zone," and to view escape as a negative coping mechanism. As Hollow Coves illustrates in "The Woods" music video, as well as throughout their entire Wanderlust EP, relinquishing a socially-constructed concept of "home" is often times the only way to discover your true sense of identity and belonging.

In the "The Woods" music video, we follow the journey of six strangers as they explore their natural surroundings–chopping wood in the dense forest, climbing the peaks of rocky mountains, swimming under the icy blue ocean, and wandering along the sandy beach. It concludes with a serendipitous meeting around a blazing fire, evoking a sense of camaraderie and content as "[they] feel so much better now." Hollow Coves shared with us,

“‘The Woods’ tells a story of escapism. We can get so caught up with distractions in our lives that we often forget to take time to enjoy the important things. Our friend Jordy Merry came up with the concept for the video, and when we heard his vision for it, we were super excited to see it take form. The video follows six different characters, all uniquely different with their own lifestyles and individual characteristics. It was filmed in various locations around the Sunshine Coast in Australia, following the characters as they come together and find their sense of belonging."

The video's breathtaking imagery is a prime representation of Hollow Coves' overall aesthetic, as their debut Wanderlust EP explores likeminded themes of wondrous nature and travel. The Australian duo formed in 2013 and have since impressed fans all over the globe with their genuine lyricism and earthy indie-folk sound.

The band was recently signed to Nettwerk Music Group and is currently working on their full-length debut album. In the meantime, your first look at "The Woods" visual is below, and you can keep up with Matt Carins & Ryan Henderson of Hollow Coves here