PREMIERE: Honors Will Not Rest Until There is a “Compromise”


The freshly-minted alternative R&B group Honors has returned with another single guaranteed to be a hit. “Compromise” draws on the Toronto band’s atmospheric vibe and introduces an uplifting chorus. Honors has a soulful style that transcends genres and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Honors thrives on being an enigma. Each single that drops until their new full-length album Feel Better, due Nov. 9, brings us one step closer to solving the mystery. With influences ranging from Drake’s vocals to Imagine Dragons’ percussion, it’s safe to say we don’t have to worry about the mystery being solved soon. The members of Honors have been crafting their sound and style since they first started playing together as teenagers. The creation of “Compromise” reiterates an essential message Honors has learned over years of hard work.

The band dives deeper into what “Compromise” is about.

“‘Compromise’ is a song about staying true to yourself in the face of losing the things you love. Life is full of choices; we’re forced to make decisions that question our comfort, our values, and our relationships.”

The band’s still riding high from their recent single, “Feel Better,” which amassed playlist acclaim from everyone including Spotify, Complex, and Apple Music. “Compromise” is poised to hit all the same marks and even then some.

There is not doubt that “Compromise” will deliver. The melody’s alternative smooth style reflects how through good and bad decisions, at the end of the day you wouldn’t want to be anyone else. Having to compromise is something Honors knows all too well – seeing success build all around them, the guys learned about give and take. Each milestone became a badge of honor, and thus with the development of their latest project, they named the band fittingly Honors.

Listen to “Compromise” below and watch for their new album Feel Better.