PREMIERE: Hypercolor - “Pretty” feat. Che Ecru


While Hypercolor may not be a household name just yet, it's easy to spot talent when you hear it. Plus, once you start digging in, you'll learn that Matthew Young and Grant Wheeler of Brooklyn-based duo are no strangers to the music world. With side projects including Body Language, Vacationer, and Seafloor as well as writing/co-production for Passion Pit and Machinedrum, Hypercolor is already set on a promising trajectory at such an early stage.

Today, we are extremely humbled to premiere Hypercolor's first-ever original, "Pretty" featuring Boston singer/songwriter/producer Che Ecru. "Pretty" is a captivating manifestation of the combined strengths of both parties: Hypercolor's bass-infused synths and bright percussion with Che Ecru's lush range of R&B vocals (The Weeknd, anyone?!). "Sparkle n bass" couldn't be a more accurate tag for this tune.

Matthew Young commented on their instant chemistry with Che Ecru's style–

"We got linked up and wrote this track in a day. I was vibing off Che's lyrics and carved the instrumental to convey the sense of butterflies in your stomach the first time you meet someone. I wanted the chorus to feel like blood rushing to your head."

The feeling was mutual according to Ecru– 

"We made this song brighter than daylight, and if you hear the rest of Hypercolor, you’ll understand why. In one sense, I wanted it to be about love, but as I was writing I decided to give it a double meaning. Regardless of how we felt about it, we ended up with a loud, head banging, and catchy way to make this song shine. 'Pretty Pretty'."

"Pretty" will be release via Vitalic Noise Records today, July 14. Keep up with all things Hypercolor here.