PREMIERE: Indie Outfit Arlie Dances on the Moon in “barcelona boots” Video


Arlie doesn't take themselves too seriously. Made up of members Nathaniel Banks, Adam Lochemes, Tyler Waters and Carson Lystad, the Nashville-based indie outfit is a little bit pop, a touch of alternative, a dash of shoegaze and a lot of fun. They debuted with their single, "big fat mouth" in 2017, which is their most popular song to date with over 2 million streams. 

Arlie specializes in offbeat music appealing to the millennial state of mind, their single "" being a perfect summary of the dismay so many students feel about their education. Their latest single, "barcelona boots" is an angsty burner with vibey instrumentals and a chorus that doesn't quit. The single stands on its own, but Arlie is gracing us all with an accompanying music video that is unique, sharable and downright hilarious.

The video begins with an '80s workout montage, which is a sentence we wish we could say more often. The members of the band fully embrace their dorky-ness as they watch a ripped gym-rat outdo them and win the hearts of every girl around. Their solution? Go to the moon where there isn't gravity to hold them down.

After posting a video online of them lifting weights on the surface of the moon, they get bombarded with likes and toast their victory with wine glasses full of Kool-Aid. The band jumps from comet to comet before getting squashed by an iPhone eclipsing the sun. The video comes to a LMFAO-esque ending with the guys dancing through what appears to be cyber space, their iconic dance moves eternalized in the fibers of the interwebs.


The band commented on the inspiration behind the video, saying,

“There are already plenty of cryptic songs out there with dark, cryptic videos, so we decided to pair this song with a completely absurd video instead. It's part of an ongoing narrative / alternate world that ties our videos together, so stay tuned. I don't know if people will pick up on this stuff but if you're the type of person who looks for ways to connect the dots, you might find some.”

Humor is something today's music needs a little more of, and Arlie is more than willing to deliver. These guys own everything they do, and quite frankly look like an absolute blast to be around. The good news–you can see them live at one of their upcoming shows alongside Mt. Joy, and their upcoming EP Wait is due Sept. 19 via Atlantic Records.