PREMIERE: Israeli Rocker Ninet Brings The Pain in “Self Destructive Mind”


Ninet's new track, "Self Destructive Mind," leads you on a journey from mental turmoil to eventual peace. Starting soft and simple, the song builds into a vibrant work that showcases her unique Israeli, singer-songwriter sound. Her voice has a powerful and husky timbre that makes listening to it similar to the smokey feeling of a glass of Bourbon running down your throat: powerful at first, but settles into a warming feeling. The use of instruments like the cello and accordion produce a lush combination that work in harmony to create a cinematic quality to the song. 

Tayeb shared,

“When I relocated to LA from Israel two years ago, I spent a lot of nights sitting on my balcony, staring at the moon, thinking. One of those late nights I was battling some negative thoughts, wondering about my decision to leave home. That moment inspired me, so I walked inside and wrote this song. Self Destructive Mind is a taste, a glimpse into my world where time can make you feel so isolated and alone." 

There's something relatable in Ninet almost shouting the lines: "Don't let anyone cut down the wire / I'm still waiting for you to come clean." Sometimes, we as humans hold our conflicts in to an extent where we put a mental and physical toll on ourselves. "Self Destructive Mind" reminds us that we all do it, but we'll find release if we share with others instead of trying to bottle it away.

Recognized as one of the most influential musicians in Israel, Ninet has now brought her unique sound overseas. She first found success by winning "Israeli Idol" and is on to become the biggest entertainment figure in her country.

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