PREMIERE: Italian Producer KINGDM & Reo Cragun Team Up To Make Your Heart Race in “Dust”


For Italian producer/songwriter KINGDM, there is more than just being the king, it's about reigning over the whole kingdom. KINGDM plans on conquering music territories unknown with his unique blend of nocturnal electronic pop. By his side is none other than hip-hop's newest breakout artist Reo Cragun. Cragun and KINGDM have worked together before on the hit "Your Love," and now their anticipated "Dust," which seamlessly incorporates edgy electronic sounds with cranked up addictive basslines.

"Dust" conveys through pulsating beats the defeat of parting ways with someone you have loved fiercely and profoundly. The modern pop and urban melodies set the stage for heartbreak, but not in the traditional sense. KINGDM and Reo Cragun craft their heartaching single to mimic a heart beating, starting out slower then beating faster when the chorus hits. The emotion of realizing there is no coming back from a failed relationship. The pain of failed love is marvelously exemplified by a throbbing baseline.

KINGDM explains the passionate force behind "Dust."

“‘Dust’ is about the up and downs of a relationship that keeps breaking and coming back. It's about that feeling when everything is turning into dust when you part ways with someone you loved intensely."

KINGDM's creative collaborator, Reo Cragun, often lends vocals on KINGDM’s tracks. Cragun has an emotionally raw way of conveying emotions that has made him and KINGDM's work so enticing. Cragun has already left a mark with his debut mixtape Growing Pains, as well as a tour earlier this year with Billie Eilish. He's definitely one of the most exciting names in hip-hop. 

Born and raised in a small northern Italian city, KINGDM began playing piano when he was five years old after hearing Chopin's"Fantasie Impromptu." Since then, KINGDM has worked tirelessly to improve and create music people haven't heard before, and with that, he's reached almost 10 million combined streams. KINGDM splits his time between Los Angeles and Europe, and continues to write and produce music meant to mimic the all to familiar human condition.

Listen to "Dust" below: