PREMIERE: Jakob Ogawa Has Us Melting Again With “Sunshine Girl (Part 2)


At just 21 years old, Jakob Ogawa has a gift for capturing a timeless nostalgia through his stripped down production and soothing, buttery voice. There's a raw, jazzy feel to his laid back indie-pop tunes, and this self-made bedroom producer has been making waves with his distinct hypnotic sound. Following his release of "Sunshine girl (demo)," which was done in collaboration with Urban Outfitters on July 10, Ogawa has just released the velvety "Sunshine Girl (Part 2)." The track's modish yet retro production as a backdrop to Ogawa's calming vocals takes you floating through a delightfully warm blend of emotions. 

Ogawa revealed the inspiration behind the song,

"'Sunshine Girl (Part 2)' recalls the bittersweet and carefree feeling of joy I felt when I knew she was the one. Just for a moment. That infinite tenderness of sweet laughter. That airy, yet wistful breeze that lingers, but oh so rarely stays."

Though his debut EP Bedroom Tapes came out just last year, the singer hasn't slowed down since. Based in Oslo, Norway, Ogawa has already traveled overseas to play major shows, including opening for UK group Metronomy and playing main stage at Lollapalooza, Argentina. Ogawa has played additional festivals in both Norway and Germany, and toured with major indie-pop band LANY.

Considering this budding artist's success in less than two years, Jakob Ogawa is on his way to becoming an alt-pop idol. Listen to his latest release "Sunshine Girl (Part 2)" here: