PREMIERE: Josie Dunne Is Enchantingly Chill In Acoustic Video “Cool With It”


Imagine being in the room while some of your favorite songs were being written. To witness the creative vibes and flow of ideas is a glamorous thought, but sometimes it all comes down to the fun in making music. Josie Dunne entertains that thought in her amusing and easygoing music video for the acoustic version of "Cool With It."

Showing off Dunne's quirky side, the video gives us a frame-by-frame look at the making of this song. The stripped down version is still just as light as the original, but showcases the artist's talents on a more relatable level. After realizing the complications of a measly relationship aren't worth the trouble, Dunne takes a step back. She's finally "beating that heart attack" and "dreams with the world turned off" because getting over this person was a lot easier once she gave in and let go. Commenting on the making of the video, Dunne says:

"The 'Cool With It (Acoustic)' video is a little behind the scenes look at the making of the song. The producer, Sam Ellis, and I spent the day working out vocal parts and dancing around his studio. It was loads of fun!"

"Cool With It" elaborates on what it feels like to try and hold on to someone who isn't worth the time or attention. Once that self-realization has been made, an immense weight is finally lifted and Dunne captures the spark of happiness that comes with being free in the video.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Josie Dunne was raised on quintessential musicians like Stevie Wonder, Etta James, and Ray Charles. Knowing early on that music was the career for her, Dunne learned piano and taught herself guitar. Now living in Nashville, the singer-songwriter is harnessing her sound with various writers and producers who are helping her express sincere, fun-loving pop music. Listen to more of Josie Dunne below: