PREMIERE: Joy Oladokun Handles Heartbreak With Soul in “Sober” Video


Once in a blue moon one comes across an artist with a true gift for helping you see the beauty behind the heartache. With her soulful, smoky vocals and keen ear for an infectious melody, Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun has captured the hearts of music lovers across the board with her most recent single, "Sober."  A Motown-inspired anthem that celebrates reclaiming your power after an unstable relationship, "Sober" is a stand out composition that will leave you fiending for another repeat.  

Considering our obsession with the track, we couldn't be more elated to premiere the single's visual companion, released July 23. The quirky yet sincere video follows a drunken evening involving one house party, two exes and God knows how many drinks. Featuring Oladokun strumming her turquoise electric guitar as a sort of invisible narrator amongst a crowd of party goers, we are introduced to "the ex-boyfriend" and "the ex-girlfriend." As we watch our heroine ex-girlfriend down drink after drink, we witness a relatable struggle as she sees and (almost) confronts her former love. A video that brilliantly showcases the difficulty of heartbreak with lighthearted optimism, Oladokun stays true to her namesake by giving her listeners joy in knowing that you are stronger than the exes that sought to tear you down.    


Oladokun shared more on the inspiration behind "Sober" and the making of the music video.

"I wrote 'Sober' one early morning in LA after a night out spent watching someone I know drunkenly argue with an ex. The idea just struck me as so relatable. I feel like everyone has been in a relationship in which you give away too much of yourself to receive so little back. I had recently been through it, and I wanted to reclaim some of that power back, not only for myself but for others. It didn’t feel like it needed/wanted to be some sad ballad, so I decided to take note from some of my favorite Motown songs and write a soulful upbeat pop song with a lil' hint of rage. I wanted the video to have that same fun, free vibe. So, I found a crew, invited my friends over for a little video shoot/ house party, and I think we put together something fun that honors the spirit of the day I wrote it."  

Peep the video below: