PREMIERE: JP Saxe Addresses Post-Relationship Remnants In Debut Single, “Changed”


Photo: Nirav Patel

Let's face it: there's no such thing as a clean break. No matter how "over it" you are, any meaningful relationship will leave something behind–whether it be clothes tucked away in the back of your closet, family members who can't seem to accept the truth, or certain memory-triggering sights and sounds. Toronto-bred, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter JP Saxe makes a powerful entrance with "Changed," an honest and poignant examination of those post-relationship emotional remnants.

"Changed" is an all-too-fitting title for this track, as it seems to thoroughly encompass the core rationale behind breakups in just one word. As he chronicles the rise and fall of his past relationship, Saxe sums it up with, "You like to tell me I changed / Like anybody really stays the same"–a profound line that'll likely evoke listeners' personal recollections and sentimental ties. He concludes on a relatively positive note, "Now you're just something to explain," implying that an open exploration of his feelings has led to a greater sense of ultimate content.

Upon first listen, we instantly fell in love with Saxe's soulfully sweet coos, subtle instrumentals, and sincere lyricism. He gave more insight on his inspiration for "Changed,"

“‘Changed’ was first inspired by a moment where I caught myself thinking about someone I thought I was done thinking about. It was abnormally cold in L.A. that night, and something about my hands being freezing sent me right back to the memories of being with this person years ago in Toronto. It got me thinking about how far I've come since her, but also how she still must have a little part of me, despite my not wanting to believe it. The song was my way of exploring the different elements of that feeling–the resentment, the memory of the affection, and ultimately, the moving on.”

"Changed" is the first track from JP Saxe's debut EP, coming later this spring. Your first listen is below.