PREMIERE: JSPH’s “When You” Transforms Nostalgic R&B into a Sophisticated Aura


Photo Credit: Lexie Alley

With a dramatic introductory drop and an immediate glimpse of his luring falsettos, JSPH returns with "When You," his first track of 2018 produced by DJ Corbett. An early-running chorus – premiering within the first 25 seconds – begins as a free and easy wave, quickly grounding you with its bouncy lyricism and corresponding beat drops. "When You" is certainly a track that plans to glue itself to the insides of your head while also unintentionally causing shoulder pops and head swaying. Simply put: "When You" is a groovy track you'll definitely want to sing along to. 

Fresh from Cincinnati and settling finely into LA's musical arena, JSPH - pronounced Joseph - takes the notion of nostalgia and turns it into a sophisticated aura in his ode to R&B and also through his artwork, which is dominated by film photography and simple faded lettering. "When You" is the epiphany of such transformation, of which JSPH gives more context,

“I’m hoping the vibe of this track can momentarily recapture a glimpse of a vanished beauty or feeling. Kind of a modern nostalgic vibe like watching a VHS home video on a flat screen.”

A law school graduate turned singer-songwriter, JSPH's passion for music-making and the career-tracking norm he was pushed into were constantly at odds, leading him to pursue a degree in an area he was not entirely sold on - something we certainly give him kudos for. When Pharrell picked up his very first single, "Breathe" it only confirmed his passions, pushing him to keep breeding his rhythm-soaked tracks. In fact, Netflix fans have probably heard his track "ComeMyWay" on the 2018 series, On My Block - the soundtrack Netflix claims to be "the best this year. The soundtrack also holds other Ones To Watch artists: Kwaye, Kelela, and Bosco as well as OTW retirees: Brent Faiyaz and Syd


JSPH's latest single, "When You," continues to show off his feather soft falsettos and exciting delivery and we believe 2018 is off to a great start for him. Grab a listen below: