PREMIERE: Laureline Leaves Us Breathless With Stirring New Release, “Hum”


Laureline has mastered the sound of heartbreak. Made up of members Chris Rasmussen, Ciera Bardowell, Marian Nutley, and Nico Hernandez, the LA-based outfit blends atmospheric and synth pop sounds to create spacious, perspective-altering music. The space Laureline provides with their sound is open to the interpretation of the listener, welcoming both reflection and absence of thought. Their recent singles "Nothing" and "I Love You" give a similar chill vibe, but there's an intensity about their latest release that cuts to the core. "Hum" is a breathtakingly intimate moment that Laureline has been generous enough to share.

The stimulating visuals released with the single only enhance the nuances of the music behind it. The song begins with soft static noise and the distant shaking of chains, simulating the tired trudge of a battle that's been fought for too long. Drums hit sparingly but firmly, driving the emotionality of the song further and further toward the chorus. Relaxed vocals are barely legible at first, but grow strength as the song progresses. The first line of the song is perplexingly relatable, saying,

"Hum through your lips a hundred thousand volts. I won't let you go."

The drums go from a walk to a run as the chorus hits for the first time. Behind closed eyes, this song brings visions of a passionate love turned to desperation. The balanced blend of ache and movement in "Hum" is a remarkable feat, and one that makes the anguish of the lyrics possible to process. The conclusion stirs the rawest emotion at the core of every human heart, asking "Do you wanna love me now?"

Chris Rasmussen elaborates on the creation of "Hum," saying,

"In many ways I've come to learn what 'Hum' is about over the course of several years. I think some songs are vehicles to speak to an audience while other songs speak back to the writer. This song has always felt like it could teach me something if were patient enough. Three years and dozens of versions later and I have the most personal and vulnerable song I've ever written."

Can't get enough of Laureline's vibe? In addition to their "Hum" video, they are gracing us with a Spotify playlist of tracks they can't get off their mind. Give it a listen below.

Catch Laureline at one of their upcoming LA shows (see below), and keep a pulse on their upcoming EP Restless.

With The Ivy and The Millennial Club

9/21 - Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar

9/23 - Anaheim, CA @ HOB

With Plastic Picnic 

10/9 - San Francisco @ The Elbo Room

10/10 - Los Angeles @ The Hi-Hat