PREMIERE: Lawrence’s “Probably Up” Music Video is a Creative Preview of New York


Nothing is more endearing than an extremely talented brother/sister duo. Clyde and Gracie Lawrence developed Lawrence, with a soul-pop sound that is rooted in New York. They are combining influences of Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, The Beatles and Etta James, with modern trend setters like Beyoncé, Ben Folds, and Amy Winehouse. Lawrence is trying to revolutionize the term “pop” from a negative connotation to something people crave.

Including on their upcoming album, Living Room set to release September 14, Lawrence has just unveiled the music video “Probably Up.” It was filmed for twelve hours straight with their lively band. Living Room is centered on juxtaposition and the growing pains that the siblings experienced into adulthood. 

Lawrence shared,

“Ever since we were kids, we’ve had a super unconventional sleep schedule. When we were young we treated it as insomnia, but over time, we’ve learned to use it as an advantage, finding time really late to write, work, and hang out at home or around New York City while most others are sleeping. Friends, family, and other people in our lives have come to know us as people they can count on if they need anything, even just someone to talk to, at those strange late hours, and that’s what ‘Probably Up’ is about. Naturally, for the music video, we decided to prove it and we filmed ourselves during an epic all-nighter, from sunset to sunrise, in one totally continuous take, as we went around to some of our favorite NYC spots. The actual length of the take is about twelve hours — no cuts we promise! — and we condensed that into the length of the four-minute song.

The beginning of this song has a welcoming piano melody with exclamatory trumpets. The guitar is strummed effortlessly throughout the song, leading everyone to join the entertaining chorus. Clyde’s voice is reminiscent of Allen Stone, John Mayer, and Louis Armstrong, colliding raspy nostalgic soul with modern pop. Gracie’s heavenly harmonies only compliment and complete the song. 

The “Probably Up” video is a fun testament to the optimism that radiates off these musicians and is a pop song you won’t hate to love. Your first look is below: