PREMIERE: mAsis Are A Minimalist’s Dream on “Always You”


The space left undefined can often serve as the most illustrative part of a piece, a sentiment exuded beautifully on mAsis' "Always You." mAsis is a band that emanates a sense of mystery, both sonically and the way in which they choose to present themselves to the world. Little is known about the California based trio beyond the fact that its members have worked with the likes of Rhye, Mr Little Jeans, and Banks. Despite existing as a relative enigma, or perhaps due to the air of mystery surrounding mAsis, the trio have already garnered support from numerous publications, including BBC Radio 1, The Fader, and Nylon to name a few for their unique brand of electronica.   

"Always You" is a clear indication of the palpable atmospheric change mAsis is capable of achieving with seemingly so little. Opening on a remote sounding foreign vocal sample, "Always You" immediately feels alien, existing in some distant realm. Yet, to combat this impression of remoteness, are the softly sung, almost talkative vocal styles that permeate the track, lending it an innately sentimental quality. The instrumentation present is scarce, causing one to revel over the intention backing each and every far-off sound. On the meaning behind "Always You," mAsis were kind enough to share a few words with us,

“In an age of reformatting, hyper-editing, dragging and dropping, I have something that stays unchanged.”

True to its ethos, "Always You" is a minimalist's dream. The sparseness of it makes it feel expansive. The apparently distant nature of it makes it feel intensely intimate. mAsis succeed brilliantly in making the most of musical contradiction, utilizing the barest of elements to paint an evocative and mesmerizing soundscape.

Stream the premiere of mAsis' "Always You" below and keep an eye out for what is sure to be their stunning new EP Always You: