PREMIERE: Mothica Is Drawn to the Flame in Dark New Single, “Burnout”

Photo: Rachel Thalia Fisher

Mothica is on fire. The Brooklyn-based artist has been making major waves since her 2015 debut EP, Mythic, accumulating 60-million streams and nearly a million monthly listeners on Spotify. The stormy songstress is back with a single from her forthcoming EP Ashes, titled "Burnout." Featuring Mothica's signature powerful vocals and dark take on pop, "Burnout" is exactly the song we all needed to cope with hitting a low point. 

"Burnout" is delightfully simple, featuring minimal production and a focus on intriguing atmospheric details. The verses come like an inner monologue, voicing doubt as effortlessly as thoughts emerge from the back of the mind. Mothica floats over punchy chords, singing of temptation that always gets the best of her. Her feathery voice is front and center in the mix, oscillating between silky low notes and breathy falsetto licks. 

She explains her thinking behind the single, saying,

"'Burnout' is reaching for the drink before the hangover sets in, and pinching yourself to make sure you can still feel something. It's the last song I wrote for the EP, when it felt like my creativity was sapped. That feeling that you won't have anything else to write about ever again so you play with fire before the spark goes out."

Mothica may have mastered the art of crafting relatable songs, but there's no sign of her burning out any time soon. Give "Burnout" a listen below and prepare your playlists for Mothica's forthcoming EP, Ashes.

Listen to "Burnout" below: