PREMIERE: Nala’s Ambient Tribal Piece “Telepathy” Displays Her Strong Voice and Female Ethos


Los Angeles-native Nala new single "Telepathy" is mesmerizing. We are entranced by the high-pitch vocals, tribal sounds, and ambient tones. This producer and creative newcomer started making unique beats four years ago. "Telepathy" signals a shift for Nala, as she moves towards a more eclectic and indie sound. 

"Telepathy" is a downtempo track that intrigues us with a sensual, and mysterious nature. The vocalist’s sultry voice compliments the background bass, as we hear the lyrics "think out loud." We can't help but be trapped in Nala's mind, as we are dazzled by the effervescent electronic beat. One could imagine "Telepathy" playing at the Do Lab at Coachella, as you sway side to side dancing. The beats would echo around the space beautifully. With the addition of multi-colored flashing lights, it would be a set no one would want to miss. 

"Speak your mind, why can't I get to know you," the lyrics cry out with an aching for communication and an appeal to the heartbroken that crave connection. It is a voice so strong and steady that we feel it holding our hand through it all. 

Part-time Miami resident, Nala dropped her debut EP in 2017, and has gotten a slew of press from Mixmag, Nest HQ, Earmilk, and Run the Trap. In addition, Nala has played at major music festivals, such as Ultra, and Full Moon, as well as traveled internationally on tour. She has a full-length album on the way, so this is just the start for this electric star.

Listen to "Telepathy" below: