PREMIERE: Oliver Riot Grapples with Invisible Demons in New Music Video for “Ivory Black”


Oliver Riot is back with a tender new music video for their single "Ivory Black," designed to untangle a dense issue surrounded by harmful stigma. Giving a glimpse into the reality of living with OCD, the video follows a young woman frantically trying to hold on to her sanity in the presence of unseen ghosts, as she screams and convulses inside of her home. Combined with somber instrumentation, the visual is truly gripping, making limited yet valuable use of special effects to enhance the twisted reality shown on the screen.

Oliver Riot is a duo comprised of identical twins, Benjamin and Alexander Moore. Growing up, the two musicians would share their art wherever they had the opportunity, performing on street corners and inside of bars in their home state of New Mexico. Once they relocated to Los Angeles, however, connections within the industry began to rapidly materialize. The band gained a significant boost after taking first place in the GRAMMY's "Rock the Mic Competition," standing out among other promising California artists and earning studio time with producer Mike Clink.

"Ivory Black" currently sits at over 3 million streams, and served as the lead single off their debut EP Hallucinate. Released in 2015, Oliver Riot recorded the EP in the back room of a historical church in Los Angeles, as the band was resourceful enough to make use of what was available as they secured their footing in the new city. Their follow up EP Neurosis was released in 2017, further documenting their talent across four songs that succeeded with a mellow, soothing sound. One especially noteworthy track is "Omen," which teases a bevy of sounds and instrumentation in the background for a colorful, vibrant listen through. Elsewhere, the title and intro track starts the EP on a solemn note, with cutting lyrics such as "still sleeping with the light on / I'm going insane," adding a grim tone to the song's chorus.

When it came to the new visual behind "Ivory Black," the brothers had this to say about what inspired the art,

"Our goal with this video is to depict the disorientation of 'Pure-O OCD,' which we have both been diagnosed with. The piece starts with a main character, who while tangibly safe within the walls of a literal home, is simultaneously lost in other realities, wading in and out of delusion. Within 'safe' circumstances - like resting in the comfort of her own bath - she attempts to unwind and find mental clarity; nonetheless, her mind slowly slips off into deeply skewed fantasies. 

We really tried to show the confusion that comes from the increasingly deafening silence cabin fever has on the mind as it becomes more and more lost. From one moment to the next the main character neurotically shouts at her demons, then laughs with them in sombering surrender, attempting to hold on to a thin line between mania and reality - a feeling we both are very familiar with. In the spirit of total vulnerability, we want this piece to serve as as a reflection of our own daily process. Hence, the overall theme comes to a close with the main character resting in defeat exhausted by looming disconnection. Hopefully this shows some insight into the world of Pure-O OCD and helps other 'sufferers' feel less alone."

Check out the new video below: