PREMIERE: Olivia Grace Embraces a Bluesy Nostalgia in Newest Single,“Safe”


Budding alt-pop star Olivia Grace is reminiscent of a younger, more relatable Lana Del Rey. Her sultry voice turns experiences in love, life, and heartache into alluring, dark melodies that leave you with goosebumps. With just one year in LA under her belt, it already seems as though Olivia Grace will make her mark on the music industry in a big way. She exudes a unique charm, as seen in her previous releases "Shoestrings" and "Blackbird," where her moody, off-color sound is topped off with a glow of a youthful innocence. She combines contrasting feelings of wide-eyed optimism with an air of seasoned maturity that makes Olivia Grace somewhat of a mystery.

Her newest single "Safe" is equal parts entrancing and enticing, radiating an overcast jazzy feel as she dives deep into a hazy memory of new love. She's able to capture that familiar feeling of escaping to safety in another person, and of wanting to prolong that feeling of security. Olivia Grace explained what led her to create the song:

"I wrote "Safe" while falling in love in a past relationship. At the time, it was thrilling and beautiful. There were so many new adventures. "Safe" is a really vulnerable, intimate song for me. It's about a lot of different things - various stories woven together - but letting go and trusting the moment is a prominent theme throughout the song."

Though she's still considerably new to the daunting Los Angeles music scene, Grace has been destined for this exact path since she was just a child. At the early age of eight years old, Olivia Grace began teaching herself how to sing, play piano, and write. Now a full-on rising star with a distinct soulful, vintage sound, Olivia Grace is set to make waves with her refreshing honesty and stripped down pop music. If her recent releases are any measure of her future success, she's a name you're going to want on your radar. 

Take a listen to her latest track "Safe" below: