PREMIERE: Party Nails’ “I Go To You” Video Is a Display of Effortless Grace


Photo: Lindsey Byrnes

Talented singer, songwriter, and producer Party Nails just released her new video for her acclaimed single "I Go To You". A stunning love song expressing her innermost feelings, the track showcases profound heartfelt lyrics with gentle, soft vocals atop raw guitar melodies. The song beautifully illustrates a story of longing to be loved by someone who refuses to give the same in return.

Simplistic in its concept, the video features musician Elana Belle Carroll, the mastermind behind Party Nails, stripped down in the studio with just a guitar. With the visuals in black and white, captured by Naz Massaro, there's beauty in its minimal approach, letting the vocals and lyrics speak for themselves. Showing off Carroll’s bubbly personality, you get a glimpse of those special candid moments where she lets loose.

Thematically, "I Go To You" displays a deep sense of vulnerability, laying it all on the line for love. She says it best, "Your heart is bleeding all over my sofa, but I don't even mind I'll clean it up some other time." Carroll is always there for her partner whenever they need her, even if it means sacrificing herself and the pain that can accompany this intense sacrifice.  

Party Nails has worked tirelessly on refining her craft to become a true pop powerhouse. It took her a while to find her lane, but she eventually found her niche in the indie pop genre with influences such as HAIM and Robyn. She hopes to become a positive figure for today's youth creating music that's relatable on a strong emotional level. 

Take your first watch of “I Go To You,” off of Party Nail’s upcoming album Past Lives and Paychecks set for release later this fall, below: