PREMIERE: Paul Cherry Has The Sense of Humor We All Forgot We Needed In His“Changing Times” Video


Paul Cherewick, known by the moniker Paul Cherry, is making weird cool again. The Chicago-based artist explores the confines of jazz and pop, pushing the limits with his playful demeanor and frank lyrics. His latest album, Flavour, pays homage to feel-good classics like James Taylor and Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, while addressing the shortcomings of modern-day society. His video for "Changing Times" is a DIY, Anchorman-themed masterpiece, complete with a claymation angel and devil.

Paul Cherry appears in the video with a silky bowl cut, a suit crowded with cherries and a toothy smile that would melt any mother's heart. Cherry touches on the absurdity of modern politics, the wedge technology has placed between humans and a lack of empathy in modern romance in his music, all delivered with a jovial sense of humor. 


He plays off this theme in the video with a vintage inspired news broadcast, complete with a headline blaring "BREAKING NEWS–TIMES ARE CHANGING." The claymation figures featured at the beginning of the video perch on either of Cherry's shoulders, further emphasizing the surreal nature of the news these days. If you only have a few sections to check out the video, skip to 1:52 for a must-see moment.

Though Cherry has been around since 2014, his artistry has evolved in a big way since his debut EP, On Top. Shifting from lofi rock to his current West Coast Sound centered around the classics, Cherry has shown his own ability to grow while imploring audiences to examine the way they operate in modern times.

Paul Cherry provides an outlet to laugh at ourselves in an increasingly ridiculous political climate, and he sounds remarkably good while doing so. Check out his "Changing Times" music video and keep an eye out for live shows near you.