PREMIERE: Pink Skies Orbits The Kaleidoscope With “Portland”

Pink Skies returns with "Portland," his latest creation utilizing a slew of separate genres to form a sonic blend that's simultaneously flavorful and soul quenching. From the underpinnings of magnetic psychedelic rock and melancholic synth-pop to dashes of instrumental hip-hop, the Oakland-native artist takes his characteristic resonance to a much deeper and contemplative destination.

On "Portland," Arieh Berl, who performs under the Pink Skies moniker, finds himself on the outskirts of menacing bass lines and eerie synths. However, the gloom fades out and his enchanting track lures the listener into an ethereal soundscape of mind-bending tones. The location you may find yourself drawn into here will have you recalling the same old haunts of yesterday and returning to those sympathies you once endured.

Pink Skies offered insight on the meaning and origin of "Portland," 

“I started this song when I was in Portland with my family. The city is kind of like a second home to me. I’ve thought about moving up there a lot; hopefully I will be able to one day. I was walking on the streets early in the morning and it was raining and cloudy, and the beat just kind of happened. I don’t really remember exactly how, I kind of entered a zone, and it just poured out of me. A flash of inspiration, you blink and think did that even happen? Making music is often times like catching lightning in a bottle, and luckily I had my recording stuff with me.

There is definitely a mood with song. I think lyrically I felt like it was really honest. I remember playing the song for my brother and he was like "you okay, dude?” I don’t want to say much about future sounds/directions, but I feel like I am definitely diving deeper into uncharted waters sonically. Excited to see what else is out there…“

Last year, Berl collaborated with BOSCO on her album, b. He most recently received production credits on 6LACK's latest endeavor, East Atlanta Love Letter. Back in April, Ones To Watch premiered Pink Skies' shimmering psychedelic jam, "Just To Get By." Pink Skies subsequently released his debut EP Does It Really Matter? in July. Catch him live on Saturday, Sept. 29 at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa.

Listen to the premiere of "Portland" here: