PREMIERE: Prelow Exemplifies NYC Nightlife In “I Don’t Wanna End The Night” Video


Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Oftentimes, an artist's greatest downfall is the tendency to overthink every aspect of his/her career–from branding, to live set up, to most importantly, musical content. The overwhelming pressure to succeed sometimes leads to crippling self-doubt and stagnancy…but not for Prelow. In fact, that space is precisely where the NYC-based duo thrives. Comprising Jesse Aicher from Portland and Matt Walsh from Jersey, Prelow's strength lies in their ability to say it exactly like it is. Case in point: their most recent single, "I Don't Wanna End The Night," along with its accompanying music video, both of which depict exactly what the title suggests. 

In the "I Don't Wanna End The Night" music video, our protagonists offer a realistic taste of what a night out in "the city that never sleeps" would truly entail. They shared on the making of the narrative,

"Shooting the video was pretty low key. We took Wes [Teshome, the director] around our neighborhood and invited our friends to come meet us along the way. We wrapped at sunrise on the Williamsburg bridge. The bodega owner Johnny and Matt have been friends for a while, and when we came into the deli he just joined in. It was great."

From the riding the subway, to dancing at the liquor store, to walking the neon-lit streets of New York City, Prelow also chronicles the universal trials of tribulations of youth nightlife, love, and friendship. As they shared, 

"We write songs that are inspired by our time out at night–deal with coming-of-age, relationships, sex, friendships, disappointments, and changes in this place [NYC]. It's so different from where we both grew up. It's our biggest muse."

"I Don't Wanna End The Night" debuted on Spotify's New Music Friday and has since accumulated over 2 million streams and counting. The band just wrapped up an East Coast tour with Lauv and are currently wrapping up the final touches on their anticipated debut LP.

Your first look at the music video of "I Don't Wanna End The Night" is below, and keep up with all news Prelow here.