PREMIERE + Q&A: DallasK’s  Video for “Recover” Is Equal Parts Haunting and Stunning


Los Angeles' DallasK is a tour de force. Producing astounding works of electronic bliss, the producer, songwriter, and DJ has worked alongside acts like Fifth Harmony, Hardwell, and Tiesto. The future electronic megastar's latest foray has seen him take a massive leap forward, electing to feature his own vocals on his tracks, and we only have one question. What took so long? As talented a singer as he is a producer, the artist's most recent series of works have continued to reach even greater heights.

DallasK's newest gift to the senses comes in the form of a mesmerizing video for his single "Recover." The hypnotic video is a perfect match for its sonic counterpart, beautifully highlighting both the intrinsic melancholic tone of the song's lyrics and the dynamic swells of production. Shot in a nearly empty amusement park, the video makes brilliant use of DallasK's surroundings to paint a portrait that is equal parts haunting and stunning. It seems downright criminal to keep you from this standout video any longer, so we will say one last thing. DallasK is an undeniable talent.

Watch the video for "Recover" below and check out our exclusive interview with the man behind the track:

OTW: You definitely can sing, as your latest series of singles demonstrates, but what was it like making that transition to the forefront of your tracks?

DallasK: It was a big leap of faith, and still a journey that I'm on every single day while I try to learn the art of singing and vocal performance, and find my voice as a writer. I was at a point where I wanted to bring people into my vision and experience further than they had been, and over the last couple of years I've been writing a lot for other artists, so it just felt like a natural progression to start singing on my own songs. It also lets me feel free to experiment with the production more. A song like "Recover" probably wouldn't have existed without me feeling like I could just go for it.

OTW: Beyond making the leap to feature your own vocals on your track, how would you say your craft has evolved since you first started producing?

DallasK: My craft has definitely evolved but also shifted focus. When I was making strictly dance records, I was very concerned with the production and engineering. Since then, I've really shifted my focus to the song, and how the production can serve the song in the best way possible. I always want to make energetic and powerful music, but what gives the songs their lasting impact are the lyric and melody.

OTW: Your music video for "Recover" is mesmerizing. What were some of the inspirations behind both the single and the video?

DallasK: The song came about very organically, we had the chord vibe set and Ammo was just humming some melodies and we built it out quite fast melodically. Lyrically, we channeled our past relationships and the feeling of hopelessness, right at the beginning of the end of a relationship. The video came about in a similar way. We actually had plans to shoot it at a completely different location with a different story and Brandon, the director, ended up driving past a carnival that they set up in North Hollywood. He hit me up and said maybe we can get some shots there, so we met up and it was almost totally empty, which created the creepiest/best vibe we could have asked for to bring the song to life in a visual sense. We ended up shooting it in a couple hours.

OTW: Any favorite carnival rides or games?

DallasK: I was always a fan of the basketball hoop game, I've won too many giant stuffed animals…


OTW: "Recover" is a song whose thematic elements deal with a lost love, but the song itself is an absolute banger. How do you go about creating a dance track that tackles such a sentiment?

DallasK: I wrote this song with one of my best friends Ammo, and while we were writing it, the production just kind of came together with the second chorus becoming a big drop moment. We had set the tone with the opening chorus and verses, and it just felt like it was crescendoing into something bigger, and I said, “What if it just explodes here when the next chorus hits." All of it just felt right. Even with the lyrical content being more sad and morose, I think the contrast of those two is what always attracted me to the song.

OTW: What does the future of dance music look like to you?

DallasK: Dance music has finally reached a point where it is stable by itself and will remain as one of the main genres of music in my opinion. There are so many thriving sub-genres and sub-cultures around them that I don't foresee a day when people won't want to listen to it. There's also the huge social element of the live show and festival that, in my mind, brings the music to life.

OTW: And what does the future of DallasK look like?

DallaskK: As for now, I'm working on a ton of music! Trying to blend all the things I love about dance music with everything that's so special about songs that are personal to me. I'm always on the road playing shows too, so it’s just about keeping a consistent stream of music coming, and working with people that I love and respect.

OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch?

DallasK: Definitely Sasha Sloan, she's one of my favorite collaborators and such a talent. Johnny Yukon as well, we all wrote my last single "All My Life" and through that, I became such huge fans of them.