PREMIERE + Q&A: Electro-Pop Duo B00TY Debut Groovy Live Footage of “Modern Romance”


Crowd-pleasing funk duo B00TY are two gentlemen we can't get enough of here at Ones To Watch. You might remember them from our January 2018 Baño Flaco held at the Hollywood Roosevelt, where they lit up the night with their carefree, quirky, and fun performance. Consisting of Adam Epelbaum (left) and Edan Freiberger (right), B00TY has been crafting beats since their college beginning at UCLA. 

Today, the two bring forth their latest project: a live video experience of their newest single held at Interscope Records,. Modern Romance" tells the story of the difficulties of finding love in an era of Instagram influencing, LA traffic, and misread texts. 

"This modern romance, can't believe it, such a damn shame the way we overthink things / This modern romance got me schemin,' should I throw it all away? / What happened to a face-to-face?"


With groovy guitar strings surrounded by a kaleidoscopic production, B00TY unveils what “Modern Romance" looks like in the studio. With a trio of harmonies - ladies reflecting the delicious Kali Uchis, Danny McKinnon giving off dreamy strings, and Pomo on keys, Geffen Records' freshest duo continues to show us that they can bring the magic to a live set. 

Seeing as festival season is quickly rushing in, we can only expect that the groovy paid will be lighting up festival stages by this time next year. In the meantime, watch B00TY perform "Modern Romance" live from Interscope Records' studio, and read what the two had to tell us about it, below: 

OTW: Who are the people in the video? What is your connection to them?

B00TY: That's Pomo on keys and Danny McKinnon on guitar. They're both unbelievable musicians. We made "Modern Romance" in one session together at Interscope on the day we met, and we’re excited to make some more music with them in the future. 

The ladies are Veronica Rosa, Keila Roldan and Jazz Elise, singing backup on this one. They're all amazingly talented artists and singers and are close homies of ours. It was a no brainer to get them on board for this video, and we always appreciate the time they give to B00TY.

This video was co-directed by Sade Clacken Joseph and Adam Hagenbuch. Adam is a star on the show Fuller House and Sade also often sings backup for us. They both also worked on the video for our song "Holy.”

Andrew Boyd was our engineer for the video. He's also been our rock in the studio and go-to engineer at Interscope. Andrew even brought his mom out to our show at the Peppermint Club last month. It was truly a family atmosphere while shooting this video. 

OTW: If you could personally dedicate this song to anyone, who would it be and why?

B00TY: This song is for all the lovers navigating the crazy world that is love and relationships today. Dating, love, and finding someone you share a connection with is a completely different game than it used to be when our parents met. Today, everyone’s lives are on display on their instagram accounts, and everything seems very fabricated and over-produced. This song goes out to everyone trying to find something real in their lives and want substance in their relationships. Also dedicated to our exes! 

OTW: What’s it like being in front of the camera? Did anything memorable happen while recording? 

B00TY: Filming the live video was a blast. Aside from getting to film it inside Interscope Studios, it was the first time we got to perform the song live with Danny and Pomo which was an amazing experience all on its own.  In the future, we’d love to play a festival and bring this video to life on a big stage (hopefully, it won’t be too long until that happens)!

OTW: What are your favorite lyrics in the song and why? 

B00TY: There are a lot of relatable and meaningful lyrics in this song, but one that stands out especially is “I just want somebody to trust, preferably on my side of town." This line is a bit of a shout out to life in LA and living on the east side. As everyone knows, getting from point A to point B can be a challenge in Los Angeles. If your significant other lives on the other side of town, that can be a pretty big inconvenience and this line brings a pretty real perspective to living and dating in LA. 

OTW: What 3 items do you always walk into the studio with?

 B00TY: Laptop. Weed. Papers. Backwoods (sorry mom and Dad).

OTW: What artist right now would be your dream feature on one of your songs and why? 

B00TY: This is such a tough one to answer, but in our wildest dreams, we’d love to have Kendrick Lamar or Stevie Wonder jump on a song with us. Kendrick has been such a voice for our generation, both in hip-hop and beyond. DAMN. was without a doubt our album of the year [and] will go down as an album of our generation. Stevie is legendary in every way. His songs influence our own style of funk and soul every time we go into the studio. If he ever listens to us, we hope we make him proud!