PREMIERE + Q&A: NYC Nightcrawlers Prelow Declare “Good People Do Bad Things”


New York City nightcrawlers Prelow have delivered their newest track, "Good People Do Bad Things," before its official debut on Feb. 9. Immediately groovy, "Good People Do Bad Things" is a track that highlights an obvious suspicion in a relationship - "Why's your phone always face down? / Didn't think you would lie, but I think that you did / I was trying not to see it." Surrounded by the dark deeds of NYC nightlife, it excuses the shadiness with a transparent apology - "I need to excuse the fact that it's complicated / Cause good people do bad things / I'm sorry for the sorrow that I may bring."

Prelow (Jesse Aicher & Matt Walsh) capture the nocturnal tune of New York City with their witty lyrics about relationships in the new age. Relocating, separately, to the Big Apple at age 18, both guys found themselves hanging out in similar arenas. Eventually jamming together, the two formed into the perfect duo of electronic indie-pop that they represent today. Prelow officially introduced themselves to the world in 2015 with "Mistakes Like This," a contemplative piece of mellow pop, wrapped up in a sexual mistake. Released on SoundCloud, the track quickly amassed over three million plays. With a string of releases in 2017, Prelow continues to rack up the listens as they share their unique, and oh-so-relatable, new era experiences. 

“Good People Do Bad Things" adds to Prelow's lineup, paving the way for 2018 to be a standout year. The track is heavy with electro bounces that are swaddled in soulful guitar riffs and wavy synths. With a chorus that will creep back into your head way after-hours, it's an easy one to vibe to as you coast the PCA on a hot night. Get your first listen of "Good People Do Bad Things" below: 

The dynamic duo concluded a successful 2017 with a North American tour alongside Lostboycrow and DYSN, and now they're set to continue the streak with the second leg, titled "Spin The Globe Part Two." See all dates below, followed by a Q&A where Jesse and Matt of Prelow share their take on "Good People Do Bad Things," what we can expect next, and more.

OTW: Can you explain the inspiration behind "Good People Do Bad Things?" What was the writing process like for the track?

Jesse: I write down lots of phrases and ideas in my phone. The chorus lyrics were something I had come up with a while back. I think I had probably done something bad.

Matt: We came up with the chord changes and skeleton for the beat during a session in LA. And we we finished the song with David Kahne at Flux studios in NYC.

OTW: I can't help but notice the large pile of trash in the background of the "Good People Do Bad Things" cover. Was that deliberate? Can you explain the decision process in choosing the photo?

Matt: That wasn't deliberate, it just happened to be there on the street.

Jesse: I really like that photo, I like that Matt's laughing. I don't know why, but it feels like it fits. Somehow.

OTW: You guys talk a lot about your nightlife experiences living in NYC in your music, but what is a typical day like for you?

Matt: Usually wake up and start some ideas after breakfast - usually keep doing that throughout the day. Sometimes we go to work at Flux studios on Avenue A. Then at night, depending on the day, we usually go somewhere downtown and meet up with friends.

Jesse: We end up eating Japanese BBQ with friends 3-4 times a week.

OTW: 2018 is holding itself as a pretty big year for you two as you continue work with Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, Kid Cudi) and Max Hershenow (Lostboycrow). Can you hint at what you're working on with them?

Jesse: We met both of them in LA last year. They're both super talented.

Matt: We recently worked on two different tracks with them. We're also working on more songs with David Kahne. We've been working with him since we started making music and we really like collaborating with him.

OTW: Can we expect any live shows or a tour happening soon?  

Matt: Yes we're about to go on tour in March/April with our friends Lostboycrow and DYSN.

OTW: What artists are you currently listening to? Who are your Ones To Watch?

Jesse: I'm waiting for my friend London O'Connor to put out some new music. Recently I've been listening to Lolo Zouai a lot. And also Phoebe Bridgers.

Matt: I've been listening to Trippie Redd a lot and I really like this new artist Nate Dae.