PREMIERE: Quincy Mumford Expresses Gratitude For Women in Groovy “Thank You”

It's time to light some candles and set the table for a romantic night in, with "Thank You" softly playing in the background. Quincy Mumford channels the soul of D'Angelo and Al Green in his new single. This R&B up & comer creates a relaxed groovy melody, with hip-hop beats and a soft smooth bass. Mumford gets listeners in the mood for romance, serenading you with his rich velvety vocals. He sings about his devout respect for women, and we can't help but cheer him on.

Mumford sings, "Thank you for letting me love you." The chivalry in his lyrics makes this song an anthem of gratitude for women, as he praises women for the way they "speak their mind." He builds women up instead of tearing them down, an integral message in society today. 

Mumford commented on the meaning behind the piece,

"'Thank you’ is not just your average love song, but a celebration of all women."

Mumford is new to the scene, but has the refined voice of a seasoned veteran. He worked tirelessly on this single and his new EP, which will be released in October 2018. Every Wednesday, he went into the studio and worked with his producer Jenaux, a collaboration that made Mumford's talent flourish as he made the music he'd "always wanted to make."

Listen to Mumford's dreamy vocals here: