PREMIERE: Quinn Lewis Wears His Heart On His Sleeve In “Slipping” (Stripped Live)


"Your love’s like sand slipping through my hands…" There aren't too many lyrical analogies that can evoke such a powerful sense of emotional imagery, as we imagine tiny little hearts literally falling between our fingers to their sad demise. Pair that with an utterly captivating live manifestation of said lyrics, and you've got Quinn Lewis' new stripped back rendition of "Slipping." 

From the very onset of the visual, we feel immediately welcomed into Lewis' home and heart. The steadily panning camera angles, occasional slow motion and blurry effects, and most importantly, Quinn Lewis' visibly and emotionally invested expressions pull us into the emotional rollercoaster that is "Slipping." Not to mention, the highs and lows of his soulful voice are beautifully accentuated in a live setting.

Quinn Lewis shared with us,

"Since writing 'Slipping' I've been waiting to share a stripped version of the song. The song itself is all about the story and the feelings behind the words, so I wanted to share a version that focused solely on that."

The Australian born, Nashville based artist is still in the early stages of his career, with "Slipping" as his second-ever solo release. Nonetheless, a cosign from Prescription Songs Publishing and such genuine songwriting and performance prowess, we sense great things to come for Quinn Lewis.

Your first look at "Slipping" (Stripped Live) is below: