PREMIERE: r e l Shares Dream-Pop Inspiration In “Colors”

Within the first few seconds of “Colors,” you can already start feel yourself immersed in genuine emotion and purpose, enveloped neatly in a sound that r e l has suitably coined “evoca-pop.” The new single is a commanding testament to the 21-year-old artist’s ability to consistently radiate inspiration through her music.

r e l opens the song by comparing her counterpart’s character traits to those which our nation stands for, “the colors red white and blue” affording us the ability to dream without limits. She warns against the tendency to give in to evil temptations as we “use our nature, lose our sin,” demonstrating a sincere lyricism supported by anthemic dream-pop percussion and breezy vocal dynamics. 

She shared more insight on the track,

“‘Colors’ is a love song for America. It’s for a person too. It’s for me and you, and all of us really. Checking in with ourselves and those we care about because equality is important, and if your actions don’t match your words, then you hurt people. Being honest with ourselves means we can be honest with others, working towards our goals effectively, truly and beautifully. We’re irrepressible dreamers. We can be everything we dream and more.”

Well if that isn’t enough to get your Thursday started off on a positive note, then we don’t know what is. 

r e l is keeping busy through the rest of 2017, with new visuals and EPs en route, and hopefully more live in Los Angeles and beyond. In the meantime, enjoy your first listen of “Colors,” and keep up with r e l at any of the links below.