PREMIERE: Rodes Rollins’ Unveils The Visual For Your Feminist Anthem, “Nasty Woman”


Rodes Rollins knows a thing or two about empowering people. The 23-year old singer is at it again with her new single “Nasty Woman,” after not so long ago debuting her first EP in 2017 called Young Adult

Once again, she transcends reality with her psychedelic tone. The new video for “Nasty Woman” pairs Rollins’ indie twang with a larger feminist call-to-action, as her single dropped in conjunction with an art gallery opening featuring 10 photos with 10 stories from New York women. 

Louis Browne from WMA, who has shot with many famous songbirds such as Demi Lovato, Liam Payne, and Miguel, to name a couple, creates a surreal aura, incorporating various angles almost like zooming in and out of a kaleidoscope. Rollins combines the voices of different women with varying viewpoints, bringing everyone together and imploring us listen to those silenced, leaving us no choice but to #StayNasty.

In Rollins’ own words, “Nasty Woman” is about,

“‘Nasty Woman’ is a song centered on the themes of female empowerment and pride. Songwriting has always been a tool for me to tell stories – some fictional, and some very personal and real. This time around, I decided to expand the story beyond a musical medium and incorporate visual components as well – my illustrations and a photo series of ten New York women. My intention with this multi-faceted release is to expose the multi-dimensionality of what it means to be a woman in society – being who you are, as you are; and being proud of that. This song is not presented from only my singular perspective, or through just one medium. The very point of what I’m trying to express is that being a woman shouldn’t be a restrictive identity, but rather a broad and inclusive one.”

This inspirational and empowered jam, produced by Alex Goose, is intimate and raspy, like someone is whispering a secret into your ear. It’s made complete by groovy, electric guitar solos, and upbeat drumming by Kane Ritchotte of Portugal the Man. The lyrics tune you in to the struggle Rollins is facing –a mistreatment by a man– yet she comes out on top in the end because she’s a “nasty woman, babe.”

Rollins shares more about crafting her song into a visual format, 

“‘Nasty Woman’ is my own, personal feminist anthem. Tonally and thematically, it’s very different from my other material. It was really empowering and fun for me to write and record this one. I wanted that to come through in the visuals for the song too. So, we made an effort for the video to incorporate bold, bright colors and a strong energy. Performing in this video really gave me a platform to showcase the confidence I feel when I sing ‘Nasty Woman.’”

After Rollin’s debut in 2017, she’s rollin’ straight into the press, garnering attention from numerous big magazines, such as Billboard, Indie Shuffle, Interview Magazine, Paste Magazine, and more. She’s collaborated with big names such as Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Matthew Compton of Electric Guest, Greg Rogove of Devendra Banhart, Major Lazer’s Jillionaire, and Kane Ritchotte of Portugal, The Man. Catch Rollins performing at School Night at Bardot in Los Angeles on July 23.

Her smooth and raspy voice does take us away to a different planet, but her message about this planet is equally important. We must all come together, regardless of our opinions, and roll with Rollin on the train of not only women’s rights, but the right to be human and to most importantly #StayNasty.