PREMIERE: Ruuth Asks For Release From Toxicity In “So Heavy”


Indie-pop singer-songwriter Ruuth is back and looking for liberation with her next single, "So Heavy." In this new track, Ruuth delivers a carefully crafted tune that conveys a thoughtful observance on human interaction. 

"So Heavy" tackles the emotional obstacles of a relationship through fine lyrics and production that resonate on a personal level. For a track reflecting on how damaging it is to blame one another for their imperfections, such as in the lyrics, "Why do we drag each other down?" and "Keep on fighting over things we should be letting go," Ruuth's voice dances delicately within these phrases. This element is complemented by the light and bubbly production, creating a juxtaposition to the underlying message that love carries a heavy burden. In a sense, these components make the message that much more significant. Reflecting on the meaning behind the track, Ruuth says:

"'So Heavy' is about relationships in which people spend time picking each others’ small flaws out instead of focusing on the happiness of being in the moment with each other."

"So Heavy" questions why people resort to angst and sensitivity in an intimate relationship over effective communication and acceptance of one another. We all carry baggage from our past that's ugly and flawed, but we could be better humans if we helped each other with the weight of our heavy burdens.

From the northern island of Wyk auf Föhr in Germany, Ruuth, born Alina Paulsen, spent much of her time in choirs and musical rehearsals. It was only in May of 2017 that she decided to pursue music as her full time career. Her debut single "All About" hit #1 on blog aggregator Hype Machine, along with press accolades from the likes of WeFoundNewMusic, Indie Shuffle, and ZEIT Magazin. Fast-forward over a year and she has spent most of her time between Sweden, Norway, New York City, Los Angeles, and Berlin, writing music with the likes of Emmit Fenn, Graham Candy, Younotus, Em Basa, and several other acts.