PREMIERE: SŸDE & Evan Klar Are Pro-Adventure with New Single, “Follow Me”


Australian duo SŸDE is about to drop yet another single, and we are excited to give you the exclusive look. The Melbourne duo comprises recent high school graduates and stunning producers, Will Hyde and Mitch Stephens. They write and record songs in their bedrooms, including the latest high-quality DIY project, “Follow Me.”

The duo has dominated streaming thus far with top single “Orbit” featuring Ashe, whose vocals glide on a percussion layered track. SŸDE has essentially taken the role of A&R as they continuously find talented vocalists to accompany their detailed tracks.  

“Follow Me” was a project that seemed like it could never get done, that is until they found Evan Klar. Klar shared,

“In hindsight, I think the optimism in the lyrics were a side effect of the smooth run we were having, pun very intended. We had the inevitable back and forth over structure and concept, but SŸDE’s production work is infectious and they’re crazy young for a pair with such wide ideas… They’re written from the perspective of someone speaking to their lover or friend, it feels like it could be an escape. The voice asks for fear to be blocked out, to head for the outside without looking back.”


SŸDE listened to about ten different vocal demos over the span of two years, not willing to settle until something stood out. When Hyde and Stephens received Klar’s demo, they knew it was the one, expanding,

“Evan had a dope interpretation of our idea, both lyrically and sonically. He’s really talented, and it was amazing to get in the studio to flesh out that idea we had sitting around in the closet. For us, what made us decide to finish it was the lyrical meaning behind the track. We love the fact that it coincides with the message of our other releases, being outdoors and exploring life. We love the fact that it also reminds people to get away from social media and a fast-paced world.”

This song is meant to be sung (loudly) because it was written as an anthem, focusing on the melodic lines. Clearly, SŸDE is very conscious with every musical decision they make, and “Follow Me” accomplishes the goal of keeping the listener engaged.

Enjoy this exclusive listen to SŸDE’s new single “Follow Me:”