PREMIERE: Saint Mesa Invites You to a Savage Ritual in Video for “Murky”


Since its release on June 21, Saint Mesa's first independent single has been turning heads and dropping jaws across the board. In case you haven't heard the masterpiece that is Danny McCook's (A.K.A. Saint Mesa's) "Murky," the track feels like a ritualistic battle song, dripping with foreboding intensity. The song's innate cinematic presence yearns to be accompanied by an equally omnipotent video, one that embodies and escalates the raw power of the composition.  

We are pleased to announce that the month-long wait is over, and McCook certainly did not disappoint. Independently created and produced by him and his brother, Isaac McCook, the collaborative sibling team takes you through a shamanic experience with an infernal tribe on an isolated seashore. The video opens with a series of images that are reintroduced several times throughout the video. A subversive underwater shot transitions to quick cuts of candle light, smoke rising, waves crashing against the shoreline, a ceremonial meeting ground, and an elk or other antlered creature's skull. As the video progresses we begin to understand that McCook and his men seem to be at odds with this tribe. Images of a sort of sacred meetup are instantly followed with hauntingly beautiful visions of McCook submerged in water while weapons are being catapulted at him. The video concludes with a gruesome killing or possible sacrifice of McCook and a final image of the assumed tribe leader leaving him for dead. 


McCook went further with us, explaining the personal inspiration behind this mystical project.

“This music video represents my label dropping me, and the beginning of finding myself again. Directing this video with my younger brother was a blast. The most DIY video I've ever done.”  

Check out the video in its full glory below!