PREMIERE: Sam Sparro Voices Mass Desperation In “Gunpowder”


Let's be real: shit's hitting the fan, for lack of a more accurate description. Civilian shootings here, police massacres there, and corruption every which way we look. It's times like these that we look to artists to spread inspiration and wisdom to the cultural masses. Sam Sparro is one of those artists.

The Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer has created a collection of varying perspectives on gun control, global surveillance, and social politics in his upcoming Quantum Physical 3 album– all presented in the form of dark pop and soulful R&B songs interlaced with news audio clips and cinematic voiceover. 

Following the "Pharma Karma"'s  compelling stance against corporate pharmaceutical companies last week, the Sparro is back with his take on gun control in "Gunpowder." In regards to the song's meaning, he comments,

“'Gunpowder' started as a song about government funded weapons trafficking, but then it a developed into a song about the overwhelming amount of gun violence. We have a serious gun problem in our culture –it’s no secret– it’s rampant. It’s permeated every level of society. But we have a hatred problem, and we have a fear problem, and I think that is really what’s at the root of all this stuff.”

Yet, Sparro recognizes that taking action hasn't been so easy following an onslaught of tragedy–

“It’s a dark song about a dark subject but it’s a reflection of how helpless I feel sometimes…how helpless a lot of people feel. Some huge changes need to happen from the ground up but it’s so hard to stay galvanized when the tragedies are so relentless.”

Regardless, "Gunpowder" combines several eclectic influences to produce a track that's outside Sparro's typical scope–

“Sonically it’s very industrial and very dissonant–It’s a little outside of my usual musical frame work–but I was really inspired by Jam and Lewis’ production on Janet’s Rhythm Nation and then Kanye and even Nine Inch Nails. I listen to a lot of different music”.

The full Quantum Physical 3 record is due August 19 via Intuit Records–pre-order it here.