PREMIERE: Simon Jefferis Makes Crafting the Perfect Blend of Lo-Fi, Soul, and R&B Seem “Easy”


I originally fell in love with lo-fi instrumental and electronic music in the early aughts, as it served as the backing soundtrack of many now-famous Adult Swim bumps of the time. The lo-fi subgenre has seen a resurgence in popular culture as of late, much to my delight, yet it's rare to find a track that entrances me to the same degree that the subgenre did during its earlier years. Simon Jefferis' "Easy" is one of those rare tracks.

There's a lot to unpack in the three short minutes that make up "Easy," the follow-up to Jefferis', popularly known as SJ, debut project, SJ's Pockets. For starters, "Easy" is a track that combines elements of lo-fi hip-hop, soul, and R&B to superb effect. There's the underlying slight static that pervades the track - a staple piece that has come to be one of lo-fi hip-hop's defining traits, which from the outset gives the entire song a feeling of instant nostalgia. There's the beautiful piano that travels to far-off distances places at a moment's notice. 

There's the silky smooth vocal accompaniment courtesy of Benedict Cork, which floats light as air across SJ's hypnotic bouts of production and instrumentation. With all that said, it barely even scratches the surface, as every minute detail contained within these three minutes is something to simultaneously praise and lose yourself in.


"Easy" is the sort of song you can play on repeat without ever finding yourself growing weary of – the sort of rare, perfectly-crafted song that manages to serve as the perfect backing soundtrack for any given mood or setting.

Take your first listen to the hypnotic single below: