PREMIERE: Spencer Ludwig Boldly Crosses Musical Boundaries With the Sensual, Latin-Infused “My Trumpet”


Photo: Dais Sarcos

Are you prepared to be seduced by Spencer Ludwig and his trumpet in his sultry new Latin-infused single? We sure hope you are, because "My Trumpet" is guaranteed to "get you started." Featuring award-winning Latin rapper MC Davo, Ludwig brilliantly fuses the infectious grooves of pop and funk with dance-inspiring splashes of Latin heat, resulting in a tune that is sure to evoke some sensual feelings. 

As an artist who has worn many hats in his career, Ludwig is no stranger to combining his skills as a songwriter, producer, vocalist, and trumpeter to create music that defies genres. In "My Trumpet," he juxtaposes smooth, sexy pop verses, featuring his velvety vocals, and a driving electronic beat. The result is a dramatic metamorphosis in the form of an undeniably catchy and upbeat hook. His synthesis of styles is especially apparent within the song's instrumentation, which hosts an array of percussive sounds, from heavy synthesized beats to maracas and tambourines. Not to mention his explosive trumpet solo, which presents an infectious musical theme that occurs several times throughout the song.  


Photo: Jason Peterson

Ludwig shared further insight into the inspiration for the song and how it evolved into his "official anthem,"

"'My Trumpet' was written shortly after one of my all-time favorite performances at the Boom Boom Room on top of the Standard Hotel in NYC. The room was packed and everyone was dressed their best hence the lyric 'top to bottom fancy, shining like a Gatsby'. There were so many people there that night that I had to perform on top of the bar and the energy was so electric that it kept me high for days. My co-writers on this song Corey Chorus and producer Ikenna FuNkEn were also there that night and when we got into the studio we wanted to try and capture that moment and put it into a song. As we reflected on all of the imagery from that night, our goal was to also write my official anthem, and since Mexico City is my largest and most loyal fan base, I felt that a Mexican rap feature would be the perfect complement to the track, which is how MC Davo ended up on the song and he nailed it. I’m actually flying down to Mexico City next week to shoot the official music video with him so keep an eye out for behind-the-scenes footage on my instagram (@spencerludwig)!"

Ludwig stated that "When people hear the new music, I hope it inspires them to want to see it live. It looks and feels very different in real life than anybody ever imagines it." Take his advice, and catch Spencer Ludwig performing "My Trumpet," and a host of other dance-inducing tracks, at his upcoming performances at Bonnaroo and Milwaukee Pride. And be sure to keep both of your eyes wide open for the "My Trumpet" music video as well as any new releases from this unique pop maverick!

Take a listen to "My Trumpet" below: