PREMIERE: Stealth Can’t Bite His Tongue In Soulful Smash Single “Truth Is”


We’re feeling pretty lucky to have discovered Stealth. The UK-based singer has husky vocals and a moody persona to match. He has supported the likes of Seinabo Sey, Jamie Woon, Zella Day, Vaults and Kaleo, in addition to signing as Ultra Music’s first singer-songwriter artist. His recent single, “Judgement Day” has a combined 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, in addition to charting in 12 countries on Shazam. While we’re talking charts, his Intro EP landed in the top three of both UK and US iTunes singer-songwriter rankings. 

His latest single, “Truth Is” is the second released from his forthcoming Chorus EP. One listen explains all the hype.

Stealth could sing any combination of words and make jibberish sound like pure poetry. His falsetto is whispery and delicate, his lower range has the grit of a western flick and everything in between is overflowing with soul. The background track features lush harmonies and riffs, cushioning the vocals as he declares, “Truth is, I can’t live without you, girl.”

With a vocals as soulful as Stealth’s, falling back on heartbreak ballads would be easy, but he chose to take “Truth Is” in a slightly different direction. Stealth explained the significance of the single as a songwriter, saying,

“This single is one I’ve been excited about since I wrote it with Michael Angelo and Ali Tennant! Personally it feels like a real step up from some of the other things I’ve released. It’s the first time I’ve really pushed myself as an artist. Writing a song that is happy for once. Also it’s an area of my voice not many people have heard - it adds to the vulnerability of the song which is about a man confessing his true feelings to someone.”


You heard “Truth Is” here first, but we doubt it’ll be the last time. Keep tabs on Stealth’s forthcoming Chorus EP, which is due out October 26. We heard Stealth will be performing at London’s St. Pancras Church on November 7 to celebrate, get your tickets now to see him live.