PREMIERE: SWIMM Is Keeping Psychedelic Pop Alive in New Video For “Uh Huh”


Los Angeles' favorite indie psych-pop band, SWIMM, has released the first visual for their debut, full-length album, Sentimental Porno. The video for "Uh Huh" charters a psychedelic voyage through the ebullient and bouncy mind of the ban, exploring what lead vocalist Chris Hess calls "a healthy obsession."

A childlike silliness drives the first half of the video's out-of-pocket characters participating in a litany of odd activities that translates the blissful nature of the song. The second half opens on a neon lit party centered around Hess as he becomes transfixed on a woman dancing across the room. Staying true to the light-hearted nature of the video, Hess quickly loses interest in the women when he spots a picture of Rihanna hanging behind her. Falling to his knees, guitar in hand, Hess begins a solo tribute to a shrine of none other than, "Miss Fenty herself, of course." Hess describes the inspiration behind the scene by saying,  

"Maybe it was the framed picture of Rihanna on top of my fridge, the picture of her as my backdrop for my phone, or the countless posts I make on Instagram, but director Laura Houlberg thought it was necessary for me to play the guitar solo to a shrine of RiRi…which I did not argue against."

A playful video filled with charismatic weirdness beautifully represents not only the free-flowing nature of the song, but the band as well. Watch the exclusive premiere for SWIMM's video, "Uh Huh," below, and look out for the band as they hit the road on a five-day tour through Florida and Los Angeles.