PREMIERE: The Faim Delivers a Moving Video for the Anthemic “A Million Stars”


Photo: Max Fairclough 

Every moment in time is unique and irreplaceable, and it is for that reason why it is so important to treasure every moment and the people we spend them with. I promise I'm not being overly sentimental for no reason, but it is a notion that arose immediately upon watching The Faim's video for "A Million Stars." Previously released on their standout debut EP, Summer Is a Curse, the song is given a new breath of life in an emotive and moving music video.

"A Million Stars" and its accompanying video is a nearly four-minute long crystallization of why The Faim stands at the precipice of the next stage of alternative rock. This is not a thought brought about solely by the anthemic nature of the track but by exactly who have showcased their support in working alongside the Australian pop-rock band. Recording with legendary producer John Feldmann of Blink-182 fame and teaming up with the likes of Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, The Faim arrives at their distinctive sound fully-formed. It can be heard in the larger-than-life vocal runs and stadium-ready instrumentation that make up "A Million Stars," which all serve to underscore deeply personal sentiments.

Frontman Josh Raven was kind enough to share the following with us on "A Million Stars,"  

"'A Million Stars' isn't only about appreciating the person you're with or the location you're in, it's about being free of the world’s distractions and valuing the little details that make a memory unique. I believe we're defined by our reactions to these moments."

It is a belief that is captured in heartbreaking fashion as "A Million Stars" unfolds. As the present plays out alongside ghosts of the past, one cannot help but feel that something or someone has been lost. Raven embodies this pained separation from a past he can never return to as he shouts outwards towards the heavens against a scenic, ever-changing backdrop. Raven had the following to share on the underlying meaning of the video.  

"This video represents the double-edged sword of sharing perfect memories but being thrust into a situation where cherishing them might not ever be possible. It's a reality anyone faces when you're away from loved ones, friends or even a familiar place."

Watch the video for "A Million Stars" below:

Catch The Faim on tour throughout the US this fall in support of Hands Like Houses.