PREMIERE: The Palms Capture The Essence of California in One Take Performance of “Levitate”


LA-based alternative duo, The Palms, share their exclusive live video performance of their most popular track, "Levitate." Fresh off of their late 2017 Mulholland Dr. mixtape, the track quickly climbed to the top of the band's Spotify page as most listened and has already amassed over four million streams alone.

"Levitate" has all the vibes that LA most notably represents. Not to be taken too seriously, the live video showcases a bunch of pals in a chill, basement type setting, jamming out to some downhearted indie rock. From the guys' apparel - sweet leopard print button downs, dark sunnies, and newsboy caps - to the chilled out vocals and smooth electric guitar to trail us out, the video and the track embody a carefree and confident approach to life:

"I'm seeing things right before me / That used to own me / But that’s the old me /And 'give it up' was the best thing that they said … Some day we’ll have it all figured out / Till then / Better go and tell’m … We’re gonna celebrate / So watch me as I levitate."

The Palms gave more insight behind the making of their follow=up live video experience of "Levitate:"

"Our plan going in was to ideally shoot the video in one take. We love the unexpected feel and suspense of one take videos, but are also aware of how difficult they are to pull off. Our top priority is always nailing the musical performance. For a one take, live video, you're hoping the videographer is able to capture that same take on video and in this case, Todd Cribari executed it perfectly. The camera he used over corrects itself as well, which helps to give the video a unique feel. 'Levitate' is connecting with people, and it's always a mystery to us why it's connecting. There's a groove to it that pulls you in off the top, that might be one reason. It's also a song about living life to the fullest and on one's own terms, which everyone, deep down aspires to do. At the end of the day, some songs just connect and if we knew why, we'd do it every time! Music is a beautiful thing."

The Palms consists of Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard, Los Angeles natives that stepped outside of their former band to explore artistic opportunities as a duo. The two quickly began putting their own music out into existence to capture the pure essence of a fresh, uplifting collective that to them, spells out home. We got to witness that essence firsthand when the band brought their infectious energy to our Saja Sessions showcase, and we're hoping that more live performances are on the way. 

Check out this exclusive first look The Palms' live version of "Levitate" below: