PREMIERE: Tora’s JPL Returns With Enchanting Sophomore Single, “Oxygen”


Australian Native Jo Leowenthal, known for his work as frontman of the band Tora, has recently begun releasing a warm blend of contemporary, electronically-influenced music under the name JPL. He debuted his solo project with the slowed down, spellbinding track "Speak Up," combining his impressive vocal range with futuristic, captivating production. Leowenthal's calming voice has a way of capturing an unwavering, vibrant energy, though its delivery is pleasantly gentle. His dynamic, free-flowing sound as JPL heads in a more experimental direction than his indie band roots, delving into different territory of innovative, alternative music.

JPL now returns with his sophomore single, "Oxygen," a glowing interpretation of the trials and tribulations of love, life, and personal relationships. It's a more electrifying, colorful track than "Speak Up," but still possesses that same air of laidback energy that makes it feel downright magical. JPL reflected on the inspiration behind the creation of "Oxygen":

"'Oxygen' is about the natural ebb and flow of human relationships. Love is the oxygen that nourishes lovers, like lungs they inflate and deflate as love flows through them. Conceptually toying with the idea that one must endure suffering to be capable of experiencing bliss, this song accepts that the ups are worth the downs."

Similarly to the flow of relationships, the song is able to translate the fluid nature of human connection through dreamlike waves of modern instrumentals layered beneath Leowenthal's smooth vocals. As only his second single, JPL has already established a signature celestial sound that we just can't get enough of. 

While we wait to see what more he has in store for us, you can listen to "Oxygen" here: